2021 Fundraising Objectives

What are we raising money for in 2021 and beyond? But as a committee There are any number of things we could raise money for we have agreed to support what we believe to be a very exciting project that Nick Brain has shared with us – the development of a comprehensive Outdoor Learning Programme for the School.

Here are some of the benefits of Outdoor Learning:

  • Nature may boost learning via direct effects on learners
  • Student motivation, enjoyment, and engagement are better in natural settings
  • Time outdoors is tied to higher levels of physical activity and fitness
  • Nature has rejuvenating effects on attention
  • Contact with nature boosts self-discipline
  • Nature may boost learning by providing a more supportive context for learning
  • Vegetated settings tend to provide calmer, quieter, safer contexts for learning
  • Natural settings seem to foster warmer, more cooperative relation

There are of course many ways to deliver an Outdoor Learning programme, for example, taking a class outside onto the lawn for a lesson or visiting an offsite outdoor setting.

Sherfield School is very fortunate to be set in nearly 80 acres which includes beautiful ancient woodlands as well as its own lake. We have an amazing canvas upon which a comprehensive Outdoor Learning programme can be developed and we will keep you updated as this exciting programme develops.